Who are we

Who we are
We are a group of people who have loved ones in prison in the UK. We got together when we realised there was no support/chat facility online available for people like us in the UK. We wanted to create a place where families and friends of British inmates could meet and share advice and support and thus the idea for PCUK was born. We are the first of our kind in the UK!

Our Aims
– We aim to build a thriving community. All our members are connected to the prison system in some way and can offer advice and share their experiences.
– We aim that people’s queries are answered as quickly and as efficiently as possible, usually within a day.
– We aim to make it that bit less painful to have a loved one inside, through support and friendship.

Our main objective
To create a community for people to go and get support and answers when a loved one has been taken into custody.

We need volunteers, please contact us if you can help!