Money has to be sent in to the prisoner via post, it can not be handed in to property during a visit. Money can be sent in the form of Postal Order, cheque or cash. Cheques will take up to 10 days to clear. Postal orders will be cleared straight away but please check with the prison before sending, as some prisons require that the P.O. be made out to the governor. It is always a good idea to send money via registered post, rather than through the normal postal system, therefore you will have a record of it being received by the prison should it go missing.

A form is issued to each prisoner every week to fill out for their canteen. The canteen is basically where they can buy toiletries, drinks, snacks, birthday cards or phone credit. There is very little on offer though! The items will be given to the prisoner a few days after they submit the application form. Depending on the prisoners private cash, wages etc, the amount they will be able to spend each week will be printed on their canteen form when they receive it.